In sales enablement and training, and development generally, finding the resources and investment needed for our important work can sometimes be challenging, it can feel like an uphill battle.

My name's Chris Grebowiec, I'm the Global Head of Sales Productivity and Enablement at Square in the US.

In this article, I’ll discuss org design and specifically restructuring sales enablement to mimic a traditional product dev team.

This will help build the sales enablement organization in a way that makes accessing investment dollars based on proven outcomes achievable and maximizes your impact.

I'm writing this article from the Western edge of Arches National Park, in Moab, Utah - one of the core tenets of Square today is work from wherever you feel most creative. I can't imagine a better place for creative energy and understanding and the ability to share some insights that I found over my career to help you.

I think what I've learned in almost 20 years in the space of both sales enablement and training and development generally is that finding the resources and the investment for the important work that we do can sometimes be difficult, it can be hard to explain.

A lot of times, it feels like we're struggling uphill. I want to talk a little bit about org design in this article and the ability to build your organization so that you have access to investment dollars based on proven outcomes with the programs that you own today.

Using product development best practices to develop high impact sales enablement

The agenda

What I’m going to discuss in this article is:

  • Forming your enablement team, and
  • Using product development best practices to develop high-impact sales enablement.  

I really hope that you get some fun ideas, tips, and tricks that you can quickly apply, and ways you can form your teams around positive ROI.