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2021 reports

State of Product Marketing Leadership 2021

The State of Product Marketing Leadership 2021 | PMA
Welcome to the inaugural State of Product Marketing Leadership report, where wetake a deep-dive into all things senior PMM. From the strategic and teammanagement elements of the senior product marketing role, to career progression,organizational structure, PMM hires, and tying product marketing e…

2020 reports

Top 100 Product Marketing Influencers

2020’s Top 100 Product Marketing Influencers
Last year, our continued quest to place product marketers on a pedestal yielded the Top 50 Product Marketing Influencers report. We’ve doubled the number of influencers on our list - that’s right, 100 product marketing influencers from all walks of product marketing life in one place.

Sales Enablement Landscape Vol.1

Sales Enablement Landscape Vol. 1 | Product Marketing Alliance
We decided to dig a little deeper into the world of sales enablement, surveying 400+ product marketers in all stages of their career, all over the world to bring you this...The Sales Enablement Landscape Vol. 1.

State of Product Marketing Report 2020

State of Product Marketing 2020 | Product Marketing Alliance
The State of Product Marketing Report 2020 has landed, with the follow-up to the 2019 write-up offering an even bigger and better insight into the product marketing industry.

Competitive Intelligence Trends 2020

Competitive Intelligence Trends 2020 | Product Marketing Alliance
Competitive Intelligence Trends 2020 explores the what, why, when, and how of CI, as we lift the lid on how to cut through the noise, leave your rivals in your wake, and claim the PMM perch as your own.

Product Marketing Salary Survey 2020

2020 Product Marketing Salary Survey | Product Marketing Alliance
Over 3,000 PMMs contributed to our salary survey this year helping us create the most comprehensive, detailed and informative repository of information on PMM salaries you’re going to find anywhere.

2019 reports

Product Marketing Salary Survey Results 2019

Product Marketing Salary Survey
From America to Australia, Brazil to Belarus, Spain to Singapore, we spoke to more than 1,600 product marketers to represent the industry’s salaries.

Product Marketing Perceptions among the C-suite

Product marketing perceptions among the C-suite
Since our inception, we’ve done a lot to understand and elevate the role of product marketing from the inside out. This time, we wanted to look at the role from a different lens - through the eyes of the C-suite.

Product Marketing Tools of Choice Report

Product Marketing Tools of Choice
The Product Marketing Tools of Choice report has been put together for product marketers, by product marketers, with the goal of enabling everyone in the industry to carry out their role as best they can with trusted tools.

Top 50 Product Marketing Influencers

Top 50 Product Marketing Influencers
Whittling it down to just 50 was tough, but here are 2019’s most influential product marketers as voted by PMA. Thanks to them (and you), the role’s evolving. At pace.

An intro to product marketing OKRs

An intro to product marketing OKRs | Product Marketing Alliance
We love equipping product marketers with wicked resources to take them to the top of the tree - and beyond. But what’s the point of exhausting yourself and your team, if you don’t know how to track your success?

What are personas? [eBook]

What are personas? [eBook] | Product Marketing Alliance
Launching a new product or feature? You’ll need personas for that. Revisiting a battle card? You’ll want personas to help shape that too. Building a product demo? Personas, personas, personas!

Product Marketing Insider Podcast

Product Marketing Insider | Podcast
Welcome to the Product marketing insider podcast brought to you by the Product Marketing alliance. Behind the scenes, we’ve been talking to lots of product marketers from across the globe to get insider info about their journey into the world of product marketing.

Product Marketing Life Podcast

Product Marketing Life | Podcast
Your very own biweekly dose of all things product marketing. Whether you want a glimpse into the life of other PMMs or you’re after a deep dive into something specific, this is the only place you need to be.

Product Marketing Defined

How do Product Managers define Product Marketing?
How do product teams define product marketing, and how can it help us think differently about the role?


Product Marketing Certified - Core
Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned PMM, B2B or B2C, physical or SaaS, by the end of this course, you’ll have all the knowledge and tools needed to effectively and successfully attract and keep more customers.


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Product Marketing OnDemand
This is your hub for all fresh footage. Keep an eye on the events calendar and when you know a Summit’s finished, head here for all the presentations five days later.

Ask the Experts

Product Marketing Alliance | Questions
Whether you’re looking for ways to improve your positioning or learn how others go about their competitive intel, get the answers you need in our AMAs.

Jobs Board:

Product Marketing Alliance
The only dedicated product marketing job listing. All the latest and greatest product marketing roles from the world’s largest companies and most exciting startups


Product Marketing Summit | World Series
A world series of Product Marketing conferences built by the largest product marketing community. See what’s in store this year.
Events | Product Marketing Alliance
A listing of events, courses, and webinars for the Product Marketing community

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The Product Marketing Podcast
Behind the scenes, we’ve been talking to lots of product marketers from across the globe to get insider info about their journey into the world of product marketing.


Go-to-Market | Product Marketing Alliance
Go-to-market or go-to-market strategy is the plan of an organization, utilizing their inside and outside resources

Customer & Market Research

Customer & Market Research | Product Marketing Alliance
Customer research and market trends Knowing such things as your customers’ gender, age, occupation, income, lifestyle and attitudes can help with your marketing and sales plans.

Messaging & Positioning

Messaging & Positioning | Product Marketing Alliance
Positioning is an internal statement about your product, meant to be the north star for all messaging. Messaging is an external expression of copy relaying how your product is the best for your target audience.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence | Product Marketing Alliance
Competitive intelligence is the action of defining, gathering, analyzing, and distributing intelligence about products, customers, competitors, and any aspect of the environment needed to support executives and managers in strategic decision making for an organization.

Templates & Frameworks

Product Marketing Templates & Frameworks
The most comprehensive resource for product marketing templates & frameworks

Trending Questions

Product marketing trending questions
Each week we’ll be picking and answering a handful of product marketing questions from Product Marketing Alliance members who just need a speedy solution to their problem.

Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement | Product Marketing Alliance
Sales enablement is “a strategic, cross-functional discipline designed to increase sales results and productivity by providing integrated content, training and coaching services for salespeople and front-line sales managers along the entire customer’s buying journey, powered by technology.

Product Marketing

Product Marketing | Product Marketing Alliance
Product Marketing Alliance is a collective of passionate product marketing managers committed to driving demand, adoption and the overall success of their product

Slack Community:

Slack Community | Product Marketing Alliance
Join the world’s largest product marketing community on the Product Marketing Alliance Slack channel


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