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User feedback is one of the most valuable inputs to understand better your products, plan the next steps and adjust your strategy.

At the same time, it’s important to have a balance between how to get feedback, when to collect it, and the frequency of supplying feedback to keep your customers asking for more. That’s when monitoring how your products are used becomes a powerful analogy of customer behavior.

Instead of asking for feedback, you simply go and grab it. Instead of hypothetical questions, this direct observing provides more accurate and measurable data on who your top customers are and how they use your products.

Once you've identified the behavior of your top customers, this will play a big role on your positioning to attract similar high-value customers.

Watch this PMMnow session as we cover:

✅ Fine-tuning your positioning to attract more customers.
✅ Monitoring the customers' usage of your products.
✅ "Grabbing" feedback to inform customer behavior.

About the speaker

Jonathan Americo is the Senior Product Marketing Manager at TomTom. Throughout his career, he has been on “both sides” when it comes to managing products: from conceptual and ideation phase, validating prototypes and putting products on the shelf as a Product Manager, to defining go-to-market strategies for products and business segments within the Product Marketing team. Currently, Jonathan acts as a portfolio manager for all maps, navigation and traffic information products at TomTom.

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