Managing your account FAQs


Q. Initially, I signed up for a monthly membership, but I want to switch to an annual subscription. Is it possible to switch plans?

A. Of course! You can do this yourself when logged-in to your membership plan. Just click ‘account’ (in the top right corner of the PMA site), then click ‘change’ where your plan is listed, and you will be able to switch to an annual subscription instead!

Q. How do I log in?

A. You can request a single-use login link here. Just enter the email address your account is registered to, and the email should come through in a few seconds. Click the link to login.

If you haven’t received the email, it’s possible that your account is registered under a different email address.

Once logged in, you will remain so unless you choose to log out or clear your cache or cookies. We don’t use passwords to access the membership.

Q. Can multiple users access my membership?

A. Not from a single-user account, but our team memberships are the perfect solution if you want membership access for multiple people. You’ll all have unlimited access to resources, support from experts in the field, and event coverage from a whole range of summits. Click here to get more information.

Q. Does the PMA membership work on a rolling contract basis? If not, would it be possible to set up this arrangement? I’m already reaping the benefits of my membership and would hate to miss anything.

A. We’ve set your PMA membership on a rolling contract, so you don’t need to worry about your membership expiring and missing out on heaps of awesome insights from leading experts in the industry.

Q. Will I get a discount for my membership if I refer to other people.

A. Members can earn a pretty penny (or two!) with our PMM membership affiliate program. Simply sign up, and every time purchases a membership via your affiliate link, you’ll get 15% of the fee. The best bit? There’s no limit to how many people you can refer; you’ll get paid once a month, with the amount depending on how many people you send our way. Winner-winner.

Q. What’s the easiest way to get to my dashboard?

A: Wherever you are on the site, if you want to get back to your members-only dashboard, simply tap on the Dashboard button to the top-right of your screen and you’ll be returned to your dashboard.