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In this article, I’ll discuss product marketing in the industry that started it all - the domains industry. I’ll delve into why product marketing in this industry comes with its challenges thanks to two main characteristics it possesses.

Then, I’ll share four best practices I’ve found work well as a PMM within the industry.

What are we doing? I ask myself that question every day as a product marketer working in the domains industry. How did I get into the domains industry? That's a big mystery.  

I am the product marketing manager for the wholesale domains division of Tucows Inc. I'm responsible for go to market, sales enablement, and product launches, and in between wild walks on the beach.

In this article, I'll talk about product marketing in the industry that started it all, which is the internet and the domains industry. I'll kick things off by talking a little bit about Tucows, then I'll move onto the domain industry, and finally best practices that I've found really work in this type of industry.