Whether you've got a positioning overhaul on the horizon or just want to brush up your knowledge and learn from the best for when the time does come, here's a selection of presentations, templates and guides to help you through your next positioning project.

Positioning presentations

Positioning templates

Positioning template
[Product name] positioning for [persona name] Your positioning work is an expression of how your product or feature uniquely fills a customer need in a way your competitors’ don’t. Your messaging and positioning work should complement each other and both have two core similarities: They rely he...
Messaging framework
[Product name] messaging for [persona name] Creating simple, cohesive and effective messaging is one of the biggest challenges tons of companies face - but it can make or break your product’s success. This template is your core messaging document and should be used as the foundation for all y...
Storytelling framework template
Storytelling framework Your story conveys your product’s message with meaning and impact. When done right, they inspire action, make you more memorable, unite your audience and simplify complex concepts. Before you even think about putting pen to paper, make sure you ask and write down your ...
Jobs-to-be-done canvas
Sheet1 Jobs-to-be-Done canvasThe jobs-to-be-done principal involves getting to the root of what people purchase your product for and every purchase a person makes has a job-to-be-done behind it. Here’s an example of a jobs-to-be-done canvas which helps you unpack the who, how, what, why, where...

Positioning guides

How to nail product positioning when your company needs a refresh
“The key to nailing product positioning is storytelling - you can’t win without a good story and there are some great frameworks out there to help you create it. Coming up with the right story isn’t easy, but it’s achievable, aided by the use of the right resources.”
Mastering positioning for growth
In this article, I’ll explain three of the main competitors; the hordes, the giant, and the ghost, and walk you through how to position your products or services for maximum impact, with examples from my experiences not only competing but winning.
Write your CMO ticket - remove guesswork from messaging & positioning
Gone are the days of putting ‘product’ at the center of product marketing. To come up with the right messaging, product marketers must be experts on the end-to-end buying journey.
What is positioning and how do you claim a position in your market?
When colleagues, peers or marketing consultants refer to positioning, what do you think they mean? If you’re not sure, you’re not alone. In this article we’ll look at the two proper usages of positioning.
How to differentiate when you aren’t different
In the early days of B2B software, it was common for companies to have functionality no one else had in their market. Differentiation was relatively easy.

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