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Every week, we put product marketers all over the world under the spotlight to talk about everything from how they got into the industry to what a day in their life looks like to the strategic tactics that shape their product’s success.

Product Marketing Life

In this series, we either get a glimpse into the world of product marketers by chatting through their most recent working day (spoiler, you can expect big-name brands like SurveyMonkey and Shopify), or deep dive into specific PMM topics - such as positioning, customer segmentation and consumer psychology.

Product Marketing Life | Podcast
Your very own biweekly dose of all things product marketing. Whether you want a glimpse into the life of other PMMs or you’re after a deep dive into something specific, this is the only place you need to be.

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Product Marketing Insider

When we’re not publishing in our Product Marketing Life series, you’ll find us sharing shows in here. Since PMA first started we’ve been on a mission to speak to 50 product marketers about their journey into the role, how they interact with other teams, what skills they think are most critical, and their thoughts on the future of the industry.

Product Marketing Insider | Podcast
Welcome to the Product marketing insider podcast brought to you by the Product Marketing alliance. Behind the scenes, we’ve been talking to lots of product marketers from across the globe to get insider info about their journey into the world of product marketing.

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