Master bundles

Whether you're heading into planning season or restructuring your team right now, or you're just curious to hear how your fellow leaders have walked the walk, here, we've clustered all our most popular presentations and guides into handy, topic-specific bundles.

Pricing bundle
Whether you’ve got a pricing project on the horizon or just want to learn about the strategies applied by and lessons learned from, from your fellow leaders, here’s a selection of presentations and guides to support your pricing strategy.
Strategy bundle
Whether you’re new to the leadership role or you’re somewhat of a veteran, the experience, case studies, and learnings packed into this bundle will arm you with infinite insights to level-up your strategy.
Team-building bundle
Growing and nurturing a top product marketing team doesn’t just happen by chance; behind every successful PMM squad is a carefully though-out strategy, leadership style, and development plan. Learn how leaders from orgs like G2, Uber, airSlate, Typeform and more built their teams.
Metrics, measurement, & OKRs bundle
Tracking the right metrics and setting the right OKRs are pivotal components of sustained growth. Here’s your hub of presentations and guides to help steer - or validate - you’re in the right path.