I’ve written hundreds of value propositions over my career to date, and in this article, I’ll explain why they’re so important and how they can fall short, who they’re for, and how they fit in with your comms strategy.

I’ll share some best practices from our clients at Aventi, highlighting three real-world examples to give you a practical overview of both short and long-form value props, and finish with a template for you to take back to your PM role.

My name's Sridhar Ramanathan and in this article, I'm going to focus on how to write a killer value proposition. I know all of you have written value props before, I personally have done probably hundreds over the last 25 years.

What I'm really going to share are some actual best practices from clients of ours that we have done and worked with.

This is designed to be a very practical article so I'm hoping this gives you something specific you can take away.

I'll focus on essential topics, including:

And much more...