Templates and frameworks FAQs


Q. I’m digging all the templates! What should I do if there’s a template I want but can’t see in the plan?

A. We’re always looking for new ways to deliver awesome membership content. So, if there’s a particular resource you’d like to see, we’ll move heaven and earth to make it happen! If you’ve got a suggestion, email membership@productmarketingalliance.com and we’ll do our best to set the ball rolling.

Q. How often do you add new templates to the membership plans? And how can I stay in the know?

A. We add a minimum of 2-3 shiny new templates per month to our membership plans. Each time we do, members will be notified by email and in-app notification.

Q. I want to use one of the templates but it won’t let me edit it. What do I need to do?

A: The membership templates are available in a view-only format, but it’s super simple to get an editable version. Open the file to Google Sheets/Google Docs, and make a copy by pressing ‘File’ on the main toolbar and clicking ‘Make a Copy’.