Member discounts FAQs


Q. Where can I find out about all my members-only discounts and events?

A: We’ve listed that information on your member perks page, most discount codes are ready for you to use and can be found there. If you can’t find a coupon, drop Robyn a line on

Q. Are discounts for PMM Summits unlimited, or do I have an allocated number of discount codes I can use per year?

A: Zero limits. Treat yourself to as many discounts as you see fit!

Q. How much discount do I receive for the PMM Certification?

A: Members with an annual membership are eligible for a discount of 10%.

Q. Do I get a discount for PMA's Masters courses?

A: Of course! Both monthly and annual members can enjoy a 10% discount for each of our masterclasses.

Q. I see you do lots of courses and events too, as a member, do I get free access to these as well?

A: Wherever possible, yes. Both monthly and annual members get 100% free access to any and all of our virtual events (like PMM Off-Piste, Masters of Product Marketing, etc.). For things like Product Marketing Core and our Masters courses, we aren’t able to enable access for nothing, but if you’re an annual member, you’ll get 10% off both. 😊