Whether it’s the monotony of the daily grind or an ardent appetite to sample a shiny new sector, it isn’t uncommon for the world of product marketing to prick the attention of employees in search of a stimulating, new adventure.

However, as is often the case when faced with unfamiliar territory, aspiring PMMs can be deterred by a lack of familiarity, guidance, or direction.

Like a PMM fairy godmother, we’re continually keeping our eye out for embryonic experts, providing support on how to make the transition into the wonderful world of product marketing.

Wanna gatecrash the PMM party?

Check out our advice, and enjoy the ride.

Enroll on courses

PMM is the same as any other field - knowledge is power. The more you know, the better you’ll be. Let’s be honest, the industry’s leading lights aren’t molded by mediocrity, right?

As proud geeks of product marketing, our thirst for new knowledge is never quenched. Despite our experience, we’re always looking for courses that can help us learn new skills and improve our offerings. It’s an age-old habit we refuse to shake, and one any aspiring product marketer should adopt.

A PMM with flawless knowledge is as mythical as the Loch Ness monster - we all have gaps in our knowledge that’ll need filling. Thankfully, the sector is awash with courses crafted to help product marketers of all guises.

Our Product Marketing Core certification offers PMMs the chance to swot up and get certified.

Get certified

Been scouring the web for an in-depth course covering the ins-and-outs of product marketing, to no avail?

Well, you’re in luck. Our PMMC course includes 11 modules focusing on the essential parts of product marketing, and has been built alongside awesome companies including Google, Facebook, and HubSpot.

The course’s flexibility means you can dip in and out at your own pace, learning new skills without becoming overwhelmed and running for the hills; the perfect solution for newbies, if we may say so ourselves.

You’ll even receive a certification to show off to fellow PMMs, providing you pass each exam, and given the quality content we’ll bring your way, we’re sure this won’t be an issue!

And wait, there’s more...

Explore PMM materials

The fun doesn’t stop with our PMMC certification. We’re equipped with an embarrassment of riches, each of which has been specially designed to boost your understanding of all things PMM.

Heading for a walk around the block? Pop on one of our podcasts, Product Marketing Life or Product Marketing Insider. Seeking unrivaled access and guidance from industry leaders? Send a question over to our AMAs and get the best support. Looking for an insightful, yet entertaining way to learn about the latest developments in the field? Our content hub’s home to endless articles, presentations, and webinars that’ll keep you engrossed for a long time.

And that’s without even mentioning our members' only content...

But enough about us. The likes of HubSpot, April Dunford, and Crayon also provide great resources that’ll kick-start your transition and leave you craving more.

So, we’ve supplied the tools. Go check ‘em out.

Shadow a product marketer

Sometimes, there’s no better way to learn than seeing seasoned pros in action.

Asking a PMM if you can watch them weave their magic may seem daunting, but the vast majority will be more than happy to help you. After all, they were in your shoes once, right?

Shadowing not only gives you an invaluable insight into the profession, but it’ll also answer burning questions eating away in the recesses of your mind.

As well as seeing a PMM work, shadowing means you’ll see first-hand what working culture is like for a PMM, help you make golden contacts who you may well work alongside further down the line, and allow you to consider how you want to conduct yourself as a product marketer. After all, many PMMs have a distinctive style, make no qualms, we’re not all the same.

Whether you’re a fly-on-the-wall or adopting a more hands-on approach, proactively seeking a shadowing opportunity is highly recommended for anyone interested in beginning a career in product marketing.

Not sure who to ask? Check out our Slack community - there are literally 1,000s of product marketers on-hand to help.

Fine tune essential skills

There are some things in life we think we can’t live without. (Chocolate and Netflix, we’re looking at you…), but in reality, we’d cope just fine without them.

On the other hand, there are some skills that wannabe PMMs need to master if they’re serious about establishing themselves as a kingpin in a field that’s becoming more appreciated by C-Suiters.

While ‘86 was the year of DNA sampling and ‘91 was the year of the internet, we’re certain 2020 is the year for PMMs to stand on the pedestal and prove their worth. Which is why we highlighted the core product marketing skills required to excel in the field, at the turn of the year.

We get it - entry-level PMMs will have a lot to work on. As we said, we all do. But believe us when we say your skills will improve, and you’ll develop, as time goes on.

Like a fine wine.

Existing PMMs

We’re delighted to see more people deciding to pursue their dream and pursue a career in product marketing.

So, what are the views of those who’ve been there, done that, and slipped into the PMM t-shirt?

“From my experience, the best way to get into product marketing is to start working more with user data (bottom of the funnel) and in your current marketing-related role and make more decisions based on user data. Remember: Don’t only welcome success, as failure presents valuable lessons.”

Esther Lozano, Product Marketing Manager at Sematext

“Some of the best PMMs I have worked with are ones who transferred "horizontally" from another discipline (Content Marketing, BD, UX consultancy, Sales Excellence). In some cases they didn't even know that they had the potential to be a PMM and they were more identified and ‘brought in’ than they had been trying to ‘get in’.
So, what I would take from this and recommend to people interested in becoming a PMM, is to think about the type of business/product/customer that they’re passionate about and can demonstrate that they understand how to connect these three effectively and creatively. If you have the chance to go straight into a PMM role at such a company, go for it. But, if you don't get the chance, stay close to that business/product/customer and work with PMM wherever possible. If you have that PMM DNA it will be spotted.”

Stuart Shingler, Director of Product Marketing and Demand Generation at Tink

If you’re thinking about joining us here in the world of PMM, we’re gonna be honest with you from the get-go, it’s not always a walk in the park, but it’s captivating, nonetheless.

After all, it’s like the old saying goes: Nothing worth having comes easy. 😉