Digital events and OnDemand viewing FAQs


Q. Is it possible to record virtual Q&A sessions in case I’d like to refer to the sessions at a later date?

A: We do the recording. All we ask from you is for you to immerse yourself in the action as it happens!

Q. How long do I get access to the OnDemand video footage for?

A: For as long as you’re a PMA member, you’ll get unlimited access to our collection of OnDemand video footage.

Q. I want to attend as many members-only events as possible. Will I receive notifications as soon as new events are announced?

A: Yep, members are notified about all digital events by email, before anyone else. Head over to Product Marketing World’s site for all the in-person product marketing summits.

Q. Are there any restrictions on how many members-only events I can attend?

A: Absolutely not! Feel free to fill your boots with as much product marketing expertise as you can handle.