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As a PMM, aligning cross-functionally and across departments within your company can be the difference between successfully doing your job and managing your workload, and feeling like you’re banging your head against a brick wall, never having enough hours in the day.

Achieving that holy grail of aligning your department with the rest of the company can feel like the impossible task sometimes, but the good news is it’s within reach.

I'm Jeff Hardison, Head of Product Marketing at Clearbit, and today I want to talk to you about how to create either a product marketing department when you don't have one or reestablish it so it's better aligned with various departments in your company, be it marketing department, be its sales, or be it product management.

I have done this really poorly for many years and I feel like now I'm at like B- level of doing this, I think it's one of the most challenging things to do in product marketing. I've worked at Hewlett Packard, which was like 100,000 people in product marketing. I've worked at Envision with Fran Larkin which is like 1000 people. And currently, I'm at Clearbit which is 100 people that’s just establishing its product marketing department and it's bumpy.

Whether you're trying to establish for the first time like I'm doing at Clearbit, or you're finding there's some tension with other departments when you join and you want to realign it. So if you're ever feeling stressed out by this or frustrated or wondering if anybody else is struggling with this, you're not alone.